Engaged: Wedding Venues?

When we were looking for a wedding venue, we found plenty of large, multi-hundred (if not thousand) seating venues. From day one, I said the entire event would be held at one venue. I wasn’t interested in going from venue to venue. I wanted everything in one place and under one roof.

We ruled out our home church almost immediately. The sanctuary is beautiful (both our mom’s were on the decorating team many moons ago), but the reception space would not have been what I wanted.

I was also looking for a venue that would allow a fireplace.

I know. Weird, right? Our wedding was in February, and in Alabama we could expect all types of weather. But, I wanted a coffee-house style wedding and when I think coffee, I think fireplace.


Exterior of Ardmore Station

We found a beautiful location about 45 minutes from home that had two built-in stone fireplaces. It was gorgeous. But the venue was massive. Given that we wanted to limit the guest list (500 people doesn’t scream coffee house to me!), I didn’t want the venue to be so massive that I felt the need to fill it.

Luckily, a guy from my hometown had been renovating the downtown storefronts – including one warehouse that had an upstairs venue. It was small. But immediately when we walked in, I could see it. Exposed brick, old windows, white columns, rustic hardwood floors and natural lighting – everything that Ardmore Station offered. It also came with tables, chairs and linens.

Narrowing down the guest list so that RSVPs did not total above 150 was difficult. We kept a small wedding party because with 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, we filled up the front of the venue.

But it was perfect.


Exposed brick, rustic hardwoods, natural lighting… stunning!

Ronny, the owner, was amazing. He worked with us to make everything perfect. We went up to the venue nearly every time I was home to figure out the layout and other details. He actually installed “fairy lights” prior to our wedding in the reception and ceremony spaces – which honestly just put it over the top.

My favorite part? We were minutes from my house, which meant when we had an emergency or needed something from home… it wasn’t a hassle to run and get it. Then afterwards, the cleanup with easy and simple. And we were home by 6 to munch on the leftovers!


Look at the ceiling! 

Check out Ardmore Station’s Facebook page for more information. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in North Alabama or Southern Tennessee… check it out!