Dreaming over Gelato

As we sit in Atlanta trying to figure out what the heck we’re doing, how to be decent dog parents and how to keep the laundry from spilling off the couch onto the floor (we’re not total slobs), we dream a lot. One of my favorite things about marriage is being able to have dreams with another human being.

I feel like we are both very free people. If something were to pop up, I don’t think we would be afraid to go for it or try. I mean, we skied down the backside of an Olympic ski-run in 55 mph winds where no one else was on the trail… and survived. We can do anything.

We often talk about what would be crazy. What would happen if we did X, Y or Z. And sometimes in the middle of these insane conversations, we come up with something that we would both really like and enjoy.

I talk a lot about a dream home. One of my clients is a home builder that designs beautiful homes, so it’s on my mind a lot. I think one day we’ll eventually build a house and it’s going to be the most symmetrical home you have ever seen. No fireplaces that aren’t centered on the wall. Haha! I can’t wait. But two things that are absolutely necessary in that home are (1) build-in book shelves for our massive collection of books and albums, and (2) a sunroom.

When it comes to my Saturday and Sunday mornings, I prefer a book in my sunroom in a comfy chair with a big cup of coffee. When the weather is good, I open all the windows and doors. It’s magical.

Currently, my big comfy chair is missing, because the one I picked out can’t fit (Haha! Leave it to me to find a coffee chair that literally cannot fit in a room and I refuse to look for another one because I’m already in love). We went to a restaurant for our one-month anniversary, and we were seating in their indoor/outdoor area where it is literally a room with french doors instead of windows. And they were all open. The tile floor extended to the exterior sidewalk. It was open and airy and beautiful.

So during our dinner over homemade pasta and gelato, we planned out our sunroom. I’ve got a sketch and everything. I should go back to school to be an architect…


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