The Black and White Closet

All my life, I used to argue with my mom that all she ever wore was black and white. I’d take her shopping (or she’d take me) and we’d dig through racks and racks of clothes only to purchase more black and white (or grey) items. I never understood because little girls and juniors racks are filled with color. Tons or bright colors.

Now, I understand. You can find colorful clothing at any store. It’s not that hard. What is hard, though, is having a diverse enough closet to be able to wear one top with multiple pairs of pants or vice versa.

Now, I wear color. I love blues and purples and the occasional splash of pink… but for the most part if I walk in my closet, I’m likely to pull out something that is a shade of black or white. And on the days I choose to wear color, I change about 4 different times, wasting time and then end up hating my outfit anyways. Or I have the tendency to buy a beautiful colorful top and it sits wasting away in my closet because I don’t prefer bright colors. Sigh.

So, instead of fighting my natural tendencies to wear a monochrome color palate, I’m embracing it and freeing myself from the frustration. I’m embracing my inner Steve Jobs (kind of) and kicking my colorful closet to the curb. I’m embracing the black and white wardrobe.

So, I started with the Ann Taylor Clearance Sale last week and ordered some gorgeous black and white blouses to really get me in the spirit. And I started today with my first initial clean out of my current wardrobe. Honestly, I could go and pull everything with color from my closet and I’d still be able to dress myself for a month straight without wearing a piece of clothing twice. My closet is straight out of an episode of Buried Alive, except everything in there is practically new. Joel says I have a problem. I say, I know how to deal with stress properly (wink to all my fellow stress shoppers).

My first clean out consisted of older clothes. You know the ones… the white shirts that are no longer white. The shirts or pants with beads on them because you’ve worn them so much. Or the ones where the seams are literally falling apart from being washed so many times. I also cleaned out anything that I hate wearing. Those shirts with a gap at the boob (C-cup and up ladies feel me…). Those pants that hit at the wrong section of your waist. That dress that you have to wear Spanx with and diet for a week straight prior to wearing… Yeah, no thanks.

I’ve also done an initial clean out of shoes. I actually had a pair of black flats that I wore nearly every day in New York. There was a hole in the sole. Like my foot would touch the concrete if I were to wear them. The platform heels I haven’t dared to put on my feet since my knee surgery… 6 years ago.

I have another phase of clean out that is necessary. Most of my winter wardrobe is shades of brown and I’m afraid Georgia weather will bite me in the tail if I donate it before May.

So cheers to simplicity, to spending less on clothes I won’t wear and more on experiences that I’ll remember for a lifetime and to doing my first spring cleaning of the year.




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