Registries: 6 Tips to Get it Right and Save Your Time

Registering is usually a really fun process… We had a bit of a nightmare experience and I’d wished I’d done some research or taken someone with me that had registered before. Halfway through, I started leaving Joel at home and taking my mom. He didn’t care about which color the dish towels were and I didn’t know we needed dish towels. Moms are the best. Take her.

We registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk, Target,  Amazon, and Local Furniture Store. I recommend registering for at least 2 different stores. We had family from out of town and not every city has a Bed Bath & Beyond (and some people just prefer shopping in person rather than online). Here’s 6 tips to keep in mind when registering that will save you time down the road:

1. Decide what you need, what you want and what you don’t want or need

We went in knowing that we didn’t really have a need for formal China right now. Our apartment doesn’t have room for a display China cabinet, and we definitely didn’t have the cabinet space. So, we skipped the fine China. Later, we found out my grandmother was wanting to part with her set… so we actually ended up getting a set I liked more than the ones available at the stores and it has sentimental value.

2. Decide what you’re registering for where

I registered for everything at Bed Bath & Beyond, then found better sets or something I liked better at the other stores. It was a hassle trying to keep up with adding stuff to one registry and taking it off another. If you go in knowing your main items (kitchen appliances, dishes, pots & pans, sheets and towels) are coming from a certain store, you won’t waste your time looking at the others.

3. Skip Customer Service

If I could go back, I would have skipped customer service. Too many times the person that sets you up with a nifty price gun ends up touring you around to store, ensuring you register for anything with $100+ price tag. That was our situation at Bed Bath & Beyond, and we ended up having to go back and redo our registry later. You can do this by finding out what stores allow you to register on their apps! Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk and Target all let you do this. It’s also helpful because we you stop in later and see something else you want, you can easily add to your registry.

4. Register at a local furniture store

We registered at Hobbs Furniture in Ardmore, Ala. and everyone went crazy for those items. Lamps, uplights, candlesticks, decorative bakeware and serving trays… Skip these items at the big name stores and register for them somewhere locally which usually means better quality and more unique options!

5. Register online

After we registered at all the locations, we knew there were a few things we were missing. We really wanted a butcher knife block, but the ones at the stores were cheap quality for high prices. We found a Calphalon set on Amazon that was perfect. If you can’t find exactly what you want in the store, Amazon probably has it!

6. Watch your registry

When I noticed people were purchasing all of the bakeware I’d registered for but none of the towels… I knew I was going to have a full kitchen and an empty bathroom. I quickly marked the towels and sheets we’d registered for as “really need/want” and people almost immediately started purchasing them. I love all my bakeware, but I’m glad to have fluffy towels!

Some people will totally ignore your registry… You may get some really unique items that you hadn’t thought to register for or some handmade items that you can’t register for! I ended up getting some really unique personalized items that I love. This also means you’ll get some stuff that doesn’t match you planned decor or that duplicates what you already have. The good news is most places will let you return for store credit.

Don’t feel guilty if you have to return items… I ended up with 4 Cuisinart Knife sets. It’s going to happen. Sometimes registries mess up or some people see what you registered for but buy online.


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