February 25, 2017

Today is January 7. It’s almost midnight and I’m soaking every minute of this day in, because in just a few minutes another day of our engagement slips away. And what an amazing engagement it has been. We are so, so blessed. I cannot fathom us having better circumstances than we do.

I am exactly 7 weeks or 49 days from marrying Joel. And I’m so excited. I’m overwhelmed with a sense of excitement and joy that I’ve been waiting on for a long time. I’m marrying Joel! 

The details have captivated every moment of this engagement. From wedding details to life details… there is so much you have to do! Add moving to a new city and starting new jobs to the mix and you’re treading water months out. But we’re getting married! We are getting married!

I’m filling out an itinerary that will have blanks. There will be grandparents without a mate and missing guests. There will be details that get overlooked. And there will be moments where I need a deep breath because the vast amount of emotions that I’m anticipating on that day will be extremely overwhelming. But we are getting married!

The past 10 months have had more emotions packed in the very short days than I’ve probably felt in my entire 23 years. I’ve laughed and cried more than I ever expected to. I’ve fallen more in love with Joel with each and every trial that comes with planning this wedding and our lives together as he steps in to calm the storm that is my brain.

You know, we’ve looked back on the start of us being “us” several times since we got engaged, and we’ve laughed so much. We’ve laughed about the people who were there with us and those that have joined our story since 2009. We’ve laughed at the dates we went on. We’ve laughed at the fact that we thought we kept “us” a secret from my brother for so long (we didn’t). We’ve laughed at his senior prom. We’ve laughed at what people said each time we broke up (and what they said when we got back together).

But you know, every time I think back… I’m so thankful that my car battery was dead in the school parking lot that cold afternoon when he and my brother had to jump start it. I’m so thankful that he came to the basketball game at Clements that night, and we both screamed the lyrics to our favorite songs on the ride home. I’m thankful for every night we stayed up late texting and talking about everything and nothing at the same time. I’m so thankful for my brother leaving me at church one Wednesday night while we were playing four square (and that Joel actually gave me a ride home instead of leaving me in the parking lot)! I’m so thankful for every Mexican restaurant, movie and home before midnight curfew date. I’m so thankful for every small moment that happened – good and bad – leading up to this moment.

So this blog really isn’t an update. There’s no real story here. This is simply me saying we are so excited and thankful for the moments leading up to right here and right now!

So until February 25…