Constant Support

Last Memorial Day Weekend, I was walking around NYC with my family, finding my way around my new 3-month “home.” Not much has changed in the past year as this Memorial Day Weekend, I spent it moving my things into my new home in Atlanta. My “Two Men and a Truck” were my dad and fiance in a U-Haul. My mom and I drove our cars separately, each packed to the brim with stuff and my 2 pups. It took 3 days to get everything up the flight of stairs, unpacked and put into their proper places, but now I finally have a semi-permanent home – something my OCD-self has been dreaming of since I started packing my room for college.

I think one thing thing that has been such a revelation in my life especially in the past two years is the constant unwavering support I have had by my side. We should truly be more appreciative of the people we have standing around us – whether it is the person that is there in 85+ degree heat moving a washer/dryer up a flight of stairs or the person that sends a text at just the right time… we should just be so much more appreciative.

The constant support around me has helped me endlessly in the past 2 years. That’s right… helped. I think sometimes our egos get in the way of us admitting that we need help. That sometimes we can’t do it all ourselves. Or that sometimes we don’t know it all. How has society changed us so much that help and support is somehow a bad thing – a sign of weakness? I think having constant support means that you constantly have someone there to remind you that you are loved and you are capable.

I love the random texts/calls I get from my support system that reminds me that I matter to them. There are so many people that are in-genuine in our everyday lives, that its not hard at all to see the line between the support system and the people that are there to eavesdrop for whatever reason.

I’m reading Diane Keaton’s book Then Again, and several chapters focus on the same thing: being more appreciative of the people who do little things in your everyday life. Constant support is such a blessing to all of us. And I think it takes going through a lot of events where you truly are all alone but don’t feel alone at all to realize the constant support surrounding you.





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