Changes are a-coming!

giphy (10).gifI’ve had a lot of changes in the past few months, which may begin to explain my absence on this blog. I’ve accepted a full-time job, I’m graduating with my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I’m moving to a new city and I’m getting married! So with all of these new changes, I’d like to make a change to my blog. A lot of my posts have been lessons learned or hopefully a little advice from someone who has made those mistakes. But now that I’m taking on several new roles, I want my blog to have distinct purposes.

giphy (12).gifI want to be able to update my friends and family about all of the little details and lessons happening in my life as a soon-to-be YoPro, Fiance-status to wife-status (with wedding planning in between), and of course everything that comes to living in a new city. I’d also like to have a little fun with some hobbies too. I’m about to be living alone which means re-learning how to cook for one, learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working a desk job and learning how to take care of myself – laundry, bills, sickness and all! They won’t be how-tos but more of a Julie -and-Julia story of failures and hopefully successes. Lastly, I’d like┬áto have a book-club section. I love reading, and now that I won’t be reading text books (and a few of my friends in college have decided a book club is the best way to keep in contact), I’m hoping to document my favorite books, quotes and even those that I hate and why.

So here’s to an honest blog that’s going to keep you up-to-date on a young 20-something lady that’s doing everything at once (and trying to blog about it at the same time!).

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