When you love w…

When you love what you have, you have everything you need.

Love this quote so much… 

2 thoughts on “When you love w…

  1. Tomekia says:

    I am an auburn fan I am in complete tears at this heartfelt letter to Cade Foster. If I may add you did the best you could do, and as long as God is for you no one can be against you, in reference to the good, the bad, and ugly..hold your head up Mr Foster and remember to never put a QUESTION MARK WHERE GOD HAS ALREADY PUT A PERIOD. I will also apologize for the auburn, bama, media but most of the people in a whole who couldn’t realize that the only one that really felt the worse was Cade Foster!! He matters through it all and not for recognition of a win but for recognition of his performance and the love he has for football. Keep your head up, and in between all of that it was a good game win or not…

  2. Pamela Parker says:

    I have been an Alabama fan since I was a little girl and that was 50 years ago. I’ve loved them through wins and losses. Surely every Alabama fan knew that we were not going to be No. 1 forever as delightful as that sounds! I knew Auburn had been going through a very rough patch, but I also knew they would get their act together pretty soon. Alabama has had very rough patches also and we always got our act together pretty soon. There is no better coach than Coach Saban and I have complete confidence in him, but he can’t win every single game. This was a hard game to lose but it certainly wasn’t one person’s fault. Things just didn’t come together for us. We’ll we back more determined than ever next year. Coach Saban has always said the Alabama fans are a class act. Well, we need to ALL act like that. We have an unbelievable, magical football team, but nobody can win them all. Think about all those championship rings Alabama has and the ones we will have in the future. We are the Crimson Tide!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!

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